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Started 12/27/12 - Please count me in.

  1. non4lmt
    Hello Everyone-
    I just discovered this site. Please count me in. I could use the support. Blessings to you all.
  2. SipRedWine
    Sorry for such a late response! WELCOME! Do you use the MyFitnessPal app???? Most of us in the group are on it so we can communicate daily from our phones. It's FREE!

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  3. Mrsyasir
    Hello everyone!
    I am a new to this site. I am done with the loading and starting with the day 1 tomorrow on 11th of January. After loading i am 244 lbs. I need your support and tips to stay away from cheating.
  4. SipRedWine
    1st off... get the MyFitnessPal app for your phone or use there website. It is the best way to track your food and water! Cook up all of your protein for the week on Saturday or Sunday. Weigh it before you cook it. I do 4oz of beef or 6 oz of chicken which is slightly off POP (perfectly on protocol) because I have found that my body does better with this little extra bit of protein. Once you get on the MFP app or site - friend me and I will hook you up with my group for daily support! My user name there is SipRedWine too!

    Started HCG in June of 2012 - Did a 26 day round with a doctor and lost 25 lbs. 174lbs!

    Round 2 in September - not a good load - did 40 days and lost 15 lbs. 159 lbs!

    Kept it all off until December 20th when I knew I was going to do another round in Jan anyway and went a little crazy with all the holiday treats, eggnog and chaampagne. Gained 6 lbs. 165 lbs!

    2 load days and LOADED! 167 lbs

    Those holiday lbs and load lbs fell right off and now I am on the right path again.

    R3P2D6 Down to 158.4 lbs!

    I am thinking about doing two short rounds instead of 1 long one. I got bored of the food and a little resentful toward the end of the LONG round. I have enough stuff and it seems like the weight comes off easier and stays off better after short rounds. (Or maybe it was just the holidays) And if my 3 rounds so far are a good indication... The better the load, the better the loss.
  5. SipRedWine
    Welcome non4lmt and Mrsyasir!
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