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Starting next week!!!

  1. cyndru323
    I know its a little late in the month to join this group but I hope you all will count me in. I go to my Dr. next Friday. (earliest I could get :-( ) I'll get my hcg to inject from him. I've never used hcg and I'm nervous and excited! I'm a huge sugar addict so that has me a little worried. I'm looking forward to a lifestyle change not just a diet!!! Good luck to everyone. I figured if I posted this before my appointment I wouldn't chicken out :-)

  2. SipRedWine
    Hey welcome! Do you use the MyFitnessPal app???? It's free and lots of people in this group are on it! You will get a lot of daily support! If you are getting your first injection of Friday LOAD LOAD LOAD! Try and get in 5000 calories??? Have you read the protocol??? I have some great info I can send you! Just email me at 4RedRedWine at gmail.com.

    If you get the MyFitnessPal app you can friend me! SipRedWine is my handle there too!
  3. SipRedWine
    And I am Cyndi
  4. cyndru323
    Thanks so much for the reply!!! Yes I do have myfitnesspal my handle there is cyndru23. I have read quit a bit about the protocol. I've been lurking here for quite sometime... My best friend is going to start with me also. So hopefully that will be some additional motivation. My biggest fear other than sugar is being hungry!! But from what I've read on this site that shouldn't be a huge problem if your dosage is correct??? I would love to see what addtional info you have. I will email you.

    Take care,
  5. Cristi
    Hi Cindy and Cyndi! I will be starting my injections tomorrow morning so two days of loading and then VLC on Sunday! I have heard round two is much harder so I am counting on this forum for support and motivation. I am also on myfitnesspal cristican so add me if you would like. Cyndi and I are already friends and she is AMAZING!!!
  6. rosierachie
    Hi! I'm Rachel. I started on 1/22. I am also on myfitnesspal. my id is binghamr.
  7. cyndru323
    Hello everyone!! I got my HCG today and to my surprise my Dr Mixes it with B12 which I wanted to get anyway...yeah me!! His prices are also great. It's nice to know I can get it locally!! So now I'm loading loading loading..... I usually enjoy eating so much. But I'm finding the loading not very enjoyable. Go figure. My starting weight was 4 lbs more than I was expecting!!! Oh well it will ALLLLLL come off!!! I just found out one of my coworkers started HCG a little over a week ago and he has lost 14lbs!

    Hello Cristi!! Hope you loading is going well.

    Hello Rachel!! I tried to find you on myfitnesspal but had trouble. My id on there is cyndru23.

    Good luck everyone!!
  8. SipRedWine
    Loading is never as much fun as it sounds!
  9. gonnablean
    Hi everyone! My name is Megan. I started drops (not homeopathic) on 1/20. I'm doing well as far as the diet goes. I'm down 8 lbs in 10 days. I hope it keeps coming off like it has been!! I do get very hungry sometimes but I just keep busy and I drink a lot of tea with stevia and that helps. So glad I can use Stevia. A friend of mine told me it made her stall...bummer! Does anyone else worry that even with the hcg, 500 cal is really low? I have energy (much more than when I was eating all that sugar and carbs) but sometimes I get muscle fatigue.
    I've been on MyFitnessPal to count calories on diets before but have not used it in a while. Maybe I will get back on for added support.
  10. SipRedWine
    Hi Megan! Hey welcome! Friend me on MyFitnessPal! SipRedWine is my handle there too! Most of the people in this group are on it and I will get you hooked up for daily support! 500 calories is fine because the HCG is making your body release 3000-4000 calories in fat every day! More than enough to live on! Have you read the original protocol? I like the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide: a Supplemental Guide to Dr. Simeon's HCG Protocol by Linda Prinster. You can get it used on Amazon and it will help your through P2-3 & 4.
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listi...9584286&sr=8-1 I bought it new and it was worth EVERY CENT! I refer to it every round and it has the original protocol printed in the back!
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