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back from vaca!

  1. francessca
    Hello July starters! back from vaca. did well stayed the same. suffered alot of bloating with lack of water because bottled water was over $4. and a beer was a buck. avioded bread as much as possible but was in the perogies and fried cheese country..i had it once in 5 days. lots of "wodka from the alcohole" stores. (spelling is correct) loads and loads of walking and touring.I have been home 4 days with family from the UK in for a month. I am doing worse at home. I am getting back on track today as the house guests are traveling for the next 3 days. I believe exhaustion has alot to do with the poor eating and lack of energy. I have been taking 5-hour energy just to get chores and stuff done. Plan, MORE water, more sleep, no carbs, and Ill check my weight in a few days, if 2pounds over I plan on a steak day. I still need to get my lab work done soon as i believe that the hcg is out of my system..
  2. ike
    Welcome Back!!!
  3. love2snorkel
    How are you doing now?
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