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Back from vacation & loading this weekend! :)

  1. love2snorkel
    I wanted to check in. We went to San Diego for 5 days and I am pleased to say I did not gain. We were eating out at least 2 times a day and I did my best to make wise choices. It seems like we were always eating....(we have 3 toddlers!)

    I am loading Sat/Sun and will start R2VLCD1 on Monday.

    How is everyone doing??
  2. ike
    Welcome back - great new on not gaining.

    I just started my second round of P2 - only did one day of loading - couldn't handle 2, gained 1.6 - loss 3 pounds in 2 days on lcd- not as good as the first round - but I'll take it. I did my loading day by eating what I wanted - I know some say good fats - but others say eat what you want and that sounded good to me. But it made me feel yukky - scary thing was I keep on eating junk all day - almost 4ooo calories. Fast food, candy, cheeze its,cashews and stuffed my face when it didn't even taste good! I hope that I am not like that when I go off this diet!!! Old habits - came back fast.

    How do you plan on loading - with good foods or old favorite that are not so good?
  3. love2snorkel
    I plan to load 2 full days. There is an Italian festival in town that has the best food. I plan to gorge there for an afternoon and then do mostly good fats. I want to go light on the carbs, but I intend to have sugars. I want to eat as much as I can stand this time. I did not gain loading my first time. Should be interesting!

    Does R2 seem more difficult? I guess it's a bit too early to tell...

    I am worried about old habits, too. I keep telling myself load days are coming. Maybe if I eat to capacity I will feel like crap and that will keep me motivated to avoid that feeling in the future? I can only hope!!
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