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calling it quits

  1. ike
    I am gaining every day on P3 - eating 1200 calories - no sugar, no starches - Gain
    Go up to 1600 - Gain
    down to 900 - Gain
    Eating only the food I ate on P2 - minus the melba toast.
    I think my metabolism has slowed down BIG TIME!
    I am going to start exercising and eating 1200 and pray I don't gain it all back!
    Sorry for ranting - but after 35 days of this diet and to keep gaining when I am following protocol is very frustrating!
  2. love2snorkel
    I went to weigh in today and got my P3 materials. Are you avoiding/limiting fruit? Are you eating a healthy fat at every meal? Still drinking your water?

    Here is what was suggested to me:
    No more than 40 carbs daily, at least 72 oz water, eat lots of protein throughout your 3 meals and 2 snacks.

    I think you need to mix up your foods. Let us know how it goes! I am rooting for you!!
  3. love2snorkel
    I highly recommend reading the 3 page reference guide I have attached above. There may be some pointers that are very helpful.
  4. ike
    Thanks - you're the best. I had a turn - down .2 from my LIW. I am only eating around 950 calories and I have also started to exercise.I am going to try to slowly increase my calories - then add new foods. I won't give up fruit - I need the healthy benefits that fruit provides. (can't stand Grapefruit)
  5. ike
    update increased my calories to 1,326 and lost 1.2 pounds over night. Still eating what I ate on P2. Today I am adding edamonies - see what happens (KEEPING MY CALORIES AT 1,300)
  6. love2snorkel
    That is awesome! I am so glad for you!!
  7. francessca
    Hi love2snorkel sorry to hear of your frustration. did u do an only steak day? I just got back from vaca. so I am catching up on everyones status. Hope u figure it out!
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