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Checking in/on R2... :)

  1. love2snorkel
    Start weight R1: 229 (0 gain loading)
    LIW after 40 days: 202.8 (26.2 lost)
    Weight before loading R2: 201.4 (1.4 lost during P3)
    Weight after loading R2 :206.4 (5 pound gain, I had a good time!!)
    Weight on VLCD2: 202.2 (-4.2)
    Weight on VLCD3: 200.4 (-1.8)

    But let's be honest here, I really want to see 199!! LOL I love hCG!!

    PS my total goal is 64 pounds putting me at 165. I am 5'9".... .

    How is everyone?? I am trying to stay in touch, but wanted to post here and see what is new!
  2. ike
    This thread seems to be dying! no one 's posting anymore - Glad your around! Support is what makes this work!

    I am down under 200 - and it feels great. PS - back on HCG - but only plan on doing it for 4 or 5 days , then starting again in a week. Ever hear of anyone doing it that way?
  3. love2snorkel
    I forgot to keep checking in here! I have not heard of anyone doing it for such a short time. I am going crazy this round. I am ready to get back to P3!! But I will stick it out for 40 days.... I am at 187!! Yahooooo!!
  4. francessca
    Hello gang how is everyone? wow alot has been going on with me but here i am. I am staying around 140-142pd I feel good. I notice myself starting to be satisfied with smaller mult. meals a day rather than 3 meals/day. I do not think I will do a round 2. I kinda am tired of people telling me i look "ill". I hope all are well and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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