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doing great on P3

  1. francessca
    Hello July starters, just a note to tell y'all I am doing well on P3. Actually no snacking cravings and more more energy! anyone else on P3 yet??
  2. angelina900
    Congrats francessca on your great job in p3. I'm still only half way thru p2 but look forward to hearing about your p3 experiences.
  3. chongsgirl
    I'm only a few days away!!! My LIW will be this Thursday, so i will be starting P3 next Monday. Looking for some advice, what did you start out eating your first few days? How much did you up your calories to? Have loved losing the weight (30 lbs!!!) but I'm ready for some variety in my diet now :-)
  4. love2snorkel
    I am almost 2 weeks away from p3. I have not even researched it yet! So please feel free to share with us!!
  5. ike
    On my last day of P2 - stopped HCG on Saturday morning. Started feeling hungry and weak - and they say that if that happens - time to get off of the HCG, you've built up immunity. Lost 1.2 when I weighted this morning - basically staying with the same foods, just added a fruit and more protein and mac nuts. I have the chocolate delight every day - dipped in strawberries. Plan on adding a 100 calories a day and walking (interval training)
  6. francessca
    Good Morning everyone! I have been doing super on P3. The first 3 days i stayed on the VLCD without drops. drank plenty of water. then i started out slow on different foods and the KEY I only eat when I was hungry which was and still IS hardly ever. I bought "low sugar Low carb" bread mainly for my hubby to start to eat, and i tried to have a half of a piece and I could not stomach it ended up coming back up. Yesterday had a few slices of fresh buffalo mozzerlla and our fresh tomatoes with a SPLASH of spanish olive oil and s/p. down .5 today. I have however been taking 5 hr energy HALF of a bottle a day just to get my farm work and chores done that i did not have energy for on the VLCD. also was out to eat because i have been having so much on the road chores to get done before vaca that there was a u know what hair in my food...what a great psych-out for pushing things away that i should not eat. I still stick to the salads seafood meat when I eat. I also got "low sugar all organic peanut butter that I have on the wasa bread waffer to replace my cereal fiber desire. I do not eat after 8pm. anymore. Before hcg i would be doing chores until then shower and eat my dinner. NOW I make a habit of getting dinner ready in the heat of the afternoon and then i just re-heat for my hubby and me! leave saturday for 10 days to czech germany poland...!
  7. love2snorkel
    Thanks for the update and tips. You are going to have a fabulous trip!! Safe travels.....
  8. ike
    Francesa - Have a great trip!
  9. angelina900
    have a wonderful trip Francessca
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