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Starting P3 tomorrow!!!

  1. SoTy20510
    Any tips??? Also starting the gym tomorrow too.... Please be gentle!
  2. ike
    Good luck! I had a rough first week on P3 - but the second week is going fine.
  3. love2snorkel
    I put a link in ike's calling it quits question a few days ago. I found that info very helpful for P3 tips. I started today and I am just not hungry. My first treat was cashews. And I thought I would want to eat like crazy, but not so much...

    ike- I am glad to hear you are doing better!
  4. ike
    Thanks - drank a couple of beers 2 nights ago - ate the right food - put on .4 - I will wait for at least a month until the next beer
    But boy did I enjoy myself!!!
    Also not very hungry - force myself to eat at least 1200 calories a day. Getting a lot of exercise just doing yard work!
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