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Round 2!!

  1. wanitalilly
    Loading yesterday and today! Anyone on here still?
  2. shaleann
    Hey Wanita.... I'm going to load tomorrow and the next day and do a short 23 day round. We are going to Vegas for a long weekend on Sept. 8th so I'd like to be starting p3 by then. It may be a little more like p3/p4 but that's what I'm gonna do. I've stabalized out around 147.7 so I'd like to see if I can get lucky enough to get into the 130's.
  3. wanitalilly
    Hi Shaleann! I am starting VLCD on Saturday! I have settled in at 191lbs and my LDW was 188. I never did a p3 I pretty much just jumped into carbs and I was surprised at how little I gained back. I too am looking for a STRICT 23 day round. And then a ACTUAL p3 after that. So We'll see how it goes! After 2 days of "loading" I am only 192 so theres my "start" weight. Good luck!! Hopefully more folks will come back here! TTYL!
  4. shaleann
    So.... today is my 2nd load day. I'll start vlcd tomorrow. I was still 147.7 yesterday. Today I was 150.4. I, for the most part, stayed p3. It worked for me. I actually continued to lose weight that way. Then I seemed to level out at the 147.7 and just stayed. I'm hoping that I can lose about 10 in this quick round. I'd be happy with that. I think everyone has probably wandered off to find an active group. I found 1 that I really like but they are super active and large so it's hard to keep up sometimes. Good luck Wanita! I'll be looking here for you!
  5. wanitalilly
    Today I vlcd 3 I am down 4 lbs. I just couldn't gain on p1 no matter how much I ate! Only went up 2 lbs! I am lower by .5 than my ldw. So I am super happy! I am hoping to go down 10-15 on this short round. Making broccoli beef for dinner! Let me know how VLCD 1 goes for you!
  6. wanitalilly
    VLCD 5 and I am up .5 I went up .5 after a vigorus workout monday night and have stalled there. Hopefully I will drop that plus more tomorrow. I am trying to drink more h2o!!
  7. shaleann
    Things are going well. I gained 4.4 during loading. I've now lost that plus. I'm down .9 from my lowest holding weight of 147.7. I say "lowest holding weight" because my ldw was 151 something and then I dropped more in p3. I stayed right around that 147.7 for the last week of p3 and all 3 and a half weeks of p4 that I did. Tho I must add here that I never really did much as far as p4 goes. I stayed pretty much p3 the entire time. So today I'm at 146.8. Hoping to drop at least 10 pounds with this short round. It would be amazing to be in the 130's!! Haven't been below 140 for over 12 years! My ultimate goal is to get as close to 120 as possible and maybe make my butt round again! Lol! It looks like deflated balloons! Not good! If only I had the money and could get the dr to suck the fat out of my stomach and deposit it into my a$$ I'd be good! Ah well, pipe dreams..... exercise it is! Let me know how you doing Wanita!
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