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Girl's Day (at least that's what my calendar shows): Thursday - March 3

  1. hcg61
    Had to be to work so early yesterday that I didn't weigh. Another early day today, but managed to step on the scale...down 1lb. YAY!

    The weekend's almost here, but STAY FOCUSED & ONE DAY AT A TIME (sometimes, it's ONE HOUR AT A TIME for me...dealing w/everything involved in closing a business after 8 years)!

  2. cl2
    Yea! I'm down a pound, too, and I barely drank. I think I'd be down more if I had DRANK. I was too out of my mind to think about drinking. I think the drops are keeping me from being too hungry and dropping into SEVERE depression. When I don't eat and am depressed, it just spirals out of control.

    Anyway--I need to do this for myself. It is what my dog would have wanted, what my parents want.

    I made myself a HUGE on plan meatload yesterday in the crock pot. My sister gave me valium and I slept. I'm going to go to the office today to get out of here.

    vlcd1 - 225.5
    vlcd7 - 219 (really, it is VLCD7)

    Wishing you well, Jan. I know you are going through a lot, too.

    I understand that one hour at a time--for me, every movement hurts right now. Time for another valium so I can keep from going under today.
  3. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Colleen- Be gentle and kind to yourself today and in the days to come. You are SO right- you are doing this for yourself!! Everday brings challenges and it is how we rise to these that are really who we are. You have been through a lot and it's OK to have a pity party but then start to take baby steps to get to where you want to be. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

    Jan- Hang in there!! These long days must be really draining so I hope you can do some things for yourself here and there also!!
  4. cl2
    Thanks, Laurie--how is your diverticulitis???

    My plan on March 1st was stick to the diet (I think I wrote it here just moments before my dog started acting really bad)--I was going to do well with work as I didn't have any plans for interruption this pay period FINALLY.

    The day of his death and going through what I did was very traumatic, but I'm glad I was with him.

    The valium has helped tremendously. It amazes me that more doctors WON'T GIVE IT TO ME. My therapist (I've been going to him on and off for about 13 years) even wrote a letter to my doctor telling him I needed something for anxiety and he sitll didn't give it to me. They expect me to go back on Prozac (or Effexor--effexor about did me in). My depression has never been better on an antidepressant--I'm more sluggish. So--here my sister gives me some valium and it took that "suicidal" aspect off the table. I am able to talk about my dog and even put some pictures in a frame by my desk. I feel I'm able to FEEL and appreciate him without falling into suicidal thoughts. Doctors are SO STUPID. Now that I finally know what valium can do to take off that edge of anxiety that I've lived with for all the bad times in my life--I just want to SCREAM. it has made all the difference and I haven't even taken that many--just knowing that if I start feeling THAT WAY AGAIN, I have something.

    Well--sorry for the rant. I'm headed to my boyfriend's in the morning. I need to see him. Going to bed alone at night in bad times is the hardest--and I've done that enough times. My son kept checking on me last night--but the valium helped. The night before was hell. My son's girlfriend was here--so he had somebody.

    Anyway--not to rant. I barely ate today--but the scale doesn't look good tonight. I'm goig to drink 2 liters before I go to bed. Nothing tastes good. I have eaten several apples and that is about it.

    Well--sorry so long. I am taking my drops with me to CO. Don't know when I'm coming home. I always came home for my dog--Now . . . it was definitely time for him to go--but it was horrible going through it.
  5. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Safe travels!! I'm glad you are going to CO. You need hugs!

    My diverticulitis is still hanging around. I had another CT scan on Wed. and have not heard from the doctor. I'm back on antibiotics- third round. I just want to be well when I go to CA end of March. My aunt lives in Huntington Beach- a 5 min. walk from the ocean!
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