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Spring is finally coming! March 1st

  1. cl2
    vlcd1 225.5
    vlcd6 220.5

    I only ate half a box of melbas yesterday--so I didn't have my second meat portion. I'm almost out of melbas and I'm not going to buy more. I'm going to use what I have left to make meatloaf today. I didn't get in my walk, but I made a trail through the 20 inches of snow for my dog in my back yard. That about killed me. I didn't think my legs were going to last. I charged my iPod last night--so I'm set to walk today. (I only have 3 "ports" on my laptop and I need them all for work, so I have to remember to charge the iPod at night or it is always dead.) I really need the walks just for my head.

    I hope you guys have a good day. I am at the beginning of a new pay period and I hope I do better this pay period than I have the last FOUR. I've had so many interruptions--and every interruption always sets me back. I know I must have ADD because if I dont' work every day and I don't keep to a routine, it takes untold energy to get my work done.
  2. hcg61
    March 1st...how can it be? I'm torn: the more quickly we move thru March, the more quickly I can get on w/my new life as a former business owner. HOWEVER: I'm not really into wishing my life away, so as Colleen says: ONE DAY AT A TIME!

    I was pleased to be down 3lbs. this morning...that makes me EXTREMELY happy.

    After work yesterday dh & I went for a walk...albeit a short one: 22 mins. I bruised the ball of my right foot on SAT; I stepped on a stone. Because I'm favoring my the bottom of my foot, it's throwing off my walk & hurting my right hip. Guess it's time to see my chirporactor.

    ~ Colleen ~
    I have another word for us: FOCUS! So now we have: ONE DAY AT A TIME & FOCUS.

    ~ Laurie ~
    At one time you were thinking about trying African Mango & I directed you to a post on Grammy's Groupies where Beth_M discussed using it. Here's what she posted on 2/27 about it (http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums.../index5.html):

    "Irvingia Gabonensis...did that before hcg. Even used it a bit mid-round one and don't feel like it helped me at all. I used it in combination with a green tea supplement."

    Happy Tuesday!
  3. hcg61
    ~ Colleen ~

    When you go to Colorado, do you go anywhere near Longmont or Boulder? This is from The Spunky Coconut website: http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/.

    "Earlier this week, my friend Lexie left a message on my phone, saying they had been to Larkburger in Fort Collins (half way between her house and mine), and that she thought there was one in Boulder too. She said I had to go and check it out.

    I cruised over to Lexie's site to check out her Larkburger review, and immediately called down to my husband (who works from home), "Honey! Can you come with us to Boulder today? For lunch? For burgers?!" Not that I had any doubt what his answer would be.

    But you don't have to eat beef to eat at Larkburger. They also have turkey burgers, and portabella mushroom with grilled onions for vegetarians. You can go caveman/Paleo, and get any of these wrapped in lettuce (primo lettuce there, by the way), or here's the kicker... They have Sweet Escape gluten-free buns!!!

    If you've missed me gushing over Sweet Escape before, I'll gush more now :-) First, I have to say that this family business is located in none other than my own town of Longmont. That makes me very proud. Secondly, Sweet Escape rocks. You can eat their pizza crust at Martino's (love them), and lots of other places too. When you're near Red Rock you must go to Abrusci's. Abrusci's gluten-free Italian menu (featuring Sweet Escape bread and pasta) is most likely the biggest and the best in the world. Seriously."
  4. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Hello and happy March 1st to all!!

    Thanks for all of the links Jan!!

    I ate on the program till dinner last night. Then we had a WW casserole I had made. I had a doctors appt. (still having some diverticulitis issues) and got out about 5:45 to find a flat tire. By the time my husband came and fixed it and followed me home it was almost 7. Life gets in the way sometimes!! I was down .1 today. I'll take it!!!
  5. cl2
    I had to put my dog down today.
  6. hcg61
    Oh Colleen...so sorry to hear about your dog. Our animals are such precious friends; no body loves us like they do. Sending you {{BIG HUGS}}.

    ~ Laurie ~ You certainly had THE DAY yesterday. At least you had a WW casserole when it would have been so easy to have PIZZA or something really, really, really off protocol...ICE CREAM: no too cold for that. Maybe WINE!

  7. cl2
    I'm pretty much broken. I don't know if I will stay on the diet right now or not. I was in a really bad place when I lost my last dog (husband having just left months before--saw my dog run over--he died with me alone in the car--I was taking him to the vet). I got this dog 2 days later. I lost both my parents 2 years ago and my aunt who I was really close to 1 year ago. I'm falling apart. I'm rather scared. So--I don't know when or if I'll be back or if I'll stay on the diet. I certainly don't feel like eating--so want to take the dorps just to keep my strenght up.

    Anyway--I'll see how things go.
  8. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Colleen- I am so very sad to hear about your dog. They give us unconditional love and they never judge us! I have not had a dog for the last 15 years. It was just so hard having to put him down and yet he told me it was time. I have a cat that is now 15 yrs. old. Try to be kind to yourself in thought and deed. Know Jan and I are here for you. Sending you thoughts and prayers to help mend your broken heart.

    I was WAY off the diet today. I had a CT this AM of the gut to see what is going on with this diverticulitis, then to dad's to drop of a rx, then to dentist. Between Dad's and the dentist I had to take 4 antibiotics (for 2 yrs. after a knee replacement) and ate not one but 2 doughnuts!! Tomorrow it's back on track!!
  9. cl2
    I'm feeling a bit better tonight. My sister gave me some valium. I know I'm suicidally depressed--I think it is an accumulation of things. Got in to my therapist (it has been rather amazing how he always has a cancellation the days I need him lately) and he told me how to deal with my grief, rather than bury it and have it burst out. The valium was the big deal, though--it doesn't always work on me, but I've noticed having lost some weight and the diet make meds work better and I'm pleasantly numb right now and staying awake well enough to work.

    My dog very much told me it was time--amazing how quickly he went down hill over night. I worried I wouldn't know when--and there was no question. So--you haven't had a dog for 15 years? I don't think I can do this again. My boyfriend wants to get a dog when I move there (don't know when--his daughter is "there"--doesn't spend much time there--supposedly leaving in April. I do need some time here though--to grieve.

    I did pretty well on the diet. I had my proteins, 2 vegies, 2 apples, and 1 melba toast serving--and ran out. I have okay meatloaf in the crock pot (never done it there before). I really didn't want to do anything--but did anyway. I don't know if I've taken enough drops yet today though. AND I'll probably try some rum and some kind of juice later--I've very much thought of going off the diet, but I dn't feel like eating anyway--so

    Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. Food was the lsat thing on my mind today.
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