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artificial sweetner

  1. navy_mom
    which artificial sweetner is everyone using? I've been a "Sween'n low" girl forever, but when I went On this diet I switched. I was buying "pure via" from Publix and recently switched to Truvia. When I was stalling so much I started searching the forums and read that Truvia might not be good. I'm so confused! haha So I was just wondering what everyone else is using. I don't really care for Splenda.
    **I read that Truvia makes some people stall. Since I've been stalled for quite a while (due to so much beef I believe) I don't know if the Truvia is bad for me or not. I guess If I need to use some sweetner I could use the leftover purevia for now. I really like the Truvia though, it actually gives me some strawberry juice when I masserate my strawberries, the others don't!
  2. pickleandtwins
    I have been using truvia the whole time. I don't use a lot though - maybe a packet a day. My losses have been consistent.
  3. navy_mom
    Thanks! I use more than 1 pckt a day. I put 2 in a TALL glass of unsweet tea and I usually put 1 on my cut cup strawberries and let them masserate for an hour before eating! I LOVE the truvia! and I don't think it's affecting me! yay!
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