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My Apple Day

  1. Kathren
    Well friends, I stepped on the scales for the 4th time at a stall this Monday. So Tuesday was an Apple Day for me. It went surprisingly well. I wasn't starved by no means and I actually missed my water. Anyway, Wednesday morning I got up, stepped on the scales, and low-and-behold, a 3.2 drop. Yeah, me. Unfortunatly, this morning I was up .2 and for the life of me I can't figure that one out. Oh well, as I look at the whole picture, I'm down 9.2 pounds in 11 days. Go me!
  2. navy_mom
    WOW! that's awesome! The apple day always scared me. I never did one. I did a steak day though, without a significant loss. I hate the plateaus! they suck majorly! You are doing very well and we are all proud of you! keep up the great work and come in this group any time you want. If you just need to vent we are here! any questions? we are here! Need a cheer leading squad? we are here! LOL

    Go Kathren Go Kathren! whoop whoop! LOL
  3. Kathren
    You are so sweet. Thank you so much.
  4. Haileys Gammie
    Haileys Gammie
    Hi Everyone,

    New to the site. New to HCG. I am on day 5 which includes the load days. Still need guiding. I am not sure if this is all in my head or not but I see a drastic change in my waist. The scale has gone down 2 pounds but thats it. I have not deviated at all from the program. Is this normal?
  5. turtlez23
    Hey Gammie!
    If u did not measure yourself yet, you should do that now. Keep a progress sheet of all your losses including weight and measurements, then you can be sure if you lost any inches or not.
    So the scale has gone down 2lbs since you started? Well you had two load days and then you should of started losing on your first VLCD (very low calorie diet). So 2lbs seems normal since its only been 3 days of that VLCD. Everyone's bodies different so we all will have different losses. If you want you can tell me what you have been eating and I can take a look at it and the girls and I can give you our opinions and stuff! We are a nice bunch.
    If this is you first time on HCG I'm not sure how you got in our group "march starters" lol, unless i misread your post or something. We all talk though in the "hows everyone doing" part of our group. So you can meet us in there!!
    Congrats on starting the diet! Your going to feel great and look great! Also welcome to the site! We have a ton of very intelligent people on here with lots of HCG experience who can help answer all your questions.
  6. navy_mom
    WELCOME HG! I agree with Turtlez...Your doing great and we are all different with our weight loss day to day. Stick with it, don't cheat and you will be AMAZED at the end! I'm so glad you joined us! Please feel free to ask any questions, toot your own horn or rant! We are all here to pat each other on the back or listen or cheer for you! Don't be a stranger!!!!
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