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Ok..Time For New Discussion!!! I found the most delicious way to eat my apple...

  1. bdjohnson510
    I have a sweet tooth so I really look forward to my "fruit" times...I go back and forth between strawberries (they are in season and delicious now here in Central Florida) and crispy apples. I love the red delicious but they are so big that I do cut them in half... N - E Way....

    ...I'm working from home today and for my mid afternoon snack I halved an apple...but then...I thought about how to make it a little different so.....

    I took a small plastic sandwich bag and sprinkled about 2 teaspoons (actually I didn't measure - just gave it a few good shakes) of pure cinnamon - two packets of my sweetener - and one good sprinkle (about 1/8 teaspoon) of unsweetened cocoa into it and shook it up. Then I cut up my apple into bite size pieces and dropped them in...and coated them with all that stuff...Honestly the best way to eat an apple...I have one small chunk left and I don't want to finish it!!

    Let's here your ideas on the P2 adventure we are all on - since it can get pretty boring...
  2. time4me
    oooh.. that sounds ever so tasty I sometimes put allspice on my apples.. i love it ,
  3. navy_mom
    I'm in love with the Cameo apples and eat one for breakfast everyday! I will be trying this though! sounds yummy! thanks!
  4. time4me
    I got some Walden Farms alfredo sauce.. gonna have it with some chicken and spinach tomorrow night , I'll let you all know how it is ,
  5. navy_mom
    oh please time4me! I LOVE Alfredo! Funny thing is I used to Hate it! But for about the past year I LOVE it and it became my comfort food! I hope it's good!
  6. navy_mom
    I finally remembered to do the cocoa pwdr thing with my apples Diane! they are yummy! I'm like you, I don't want them to end! thanks for the tip!!
  7. bdjohnson510
    Glad you guys like the apple cinnamon and cocoa idea...I really use a lot of cinnamon and coat them really good...so yummy - I also took sliced strawberries, mixed 2 packs of sweetener with about 1/4t of cocoa (remember unsweetened...) and sprinkled that over the strawberries....THEN...I added about 4T of water...and let them "marinade" for a while so the strawberries would create some juice...stir them up and I swear if you close your eyes...it's kinda like chocolate covered strawberries plus there's this chocolaty, sweet syrup at the bottom you can scoop up...really good stuff...

    Hi there time4Me...First...what are Cameo apples? I don't think we have them here in FL - but love the name! and Walden Farms Alfredo...I'll have to look for that - I've been afraid of any of those since reading how some taste too diabetic...but I need to spice up my chicken that's for sure so I'll give the Alfredo a try....and hey...if you haven't tried navy_moms chicken cutlet with GRAVY....OMG I swear it's amazing...really - the best I've had on this food "journey"...thanks again Kyra!!
  8. navy_mom
    aww thanks Diane! I'm the one that mentioned the cameo apples! I live in FL so we do have them I can only find them at WalMart and they are currently .97/lb! Which is a great deal since the time before that when I bought them they were $1.67/lb! They are juicy like a Honey Crisp, tart like a granny smith (but not so much) and firm like a Fuji! I LOVE THEM!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    I'm gonna try the strawberries tonight! thanks! )
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