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  1. navy_mom
    I saw a post in another group about getting yourself a "gift" or "reward" when you are done with the HcG. Do any of you have anything special planned when you reach your "goal" weight??

    My husband has promised me a shopping spree! I also may reward myself with a new Brighton Purse! (I'm a BRIGHTON girl!) or a Pandora Bracelet (been wanting one for awhile now)...

    What do you want??
  2. time4me
    I wanna go to the beach and wear a suit without a skirt so a weekend away would be great !
  3. navy_mom
    I'm stalling so much that I'm thinking just hitting my goal weight will be reward enough!

    I would love a weekend getaway too time4me!
  4. pickleandtwins
    I keep giving myself little rewards. I have bags and bags of clothes that are too small that I had taken out of my closet within the past year. My reward is to go into the bags and find "new" clothes. We're on a tight budget so I won't be going to the stores to replace my wardrobe but will slowly replace it with a new old wardrobe. I pulled out a pair of size 16 jeans that still had the tags on the this morning and they fit so much better than the ones I wore yesterday where I had such a saggy butt. Small victories help me keep going.
  5. navy_mom
    That's awesome P&T! I completely agree with the "small victories!". I wish I had some bags of old clothes! I'm a little bit of a "Pack Rat" and when we moved to FL, I finally got rid of some stuff that I thought I would never fit into again. I'm going to a thrift store today to get some smaller shorts!
  6. bdjohnson510
    Too funny...no wonder we're all friends now...I'm a Brighton Girl too!!! I love all their stuff...and I am determined to wear a bathing suit without a skirt and without having to wear a cover up all the time!!!

    I can tell I'm loosing weight because - my butt is disappearing as are my boobs....not fair!!

    Now if my thighs could just with the program...
  7. navy_mom
    LOL! It's funny that we are losing in different spots! I'm losing in my stomach and thighs (I still have a long way to go in the "thunder thigh" department!) I did buy a bathing suit right before I started this program (didn't know I was going to be doing it) and now its too big! so thats a good thing!

    I <3 BRIGHTON!!!!
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