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Walden farms

  1. navy_mom
    I am in need of some Walden Farms Caramel Syrup! I can't seem to find it locally. If anybody finds a code for their site please share! All the ones I tried from retailmenot didn't work
    The caramel dip is good but the syrup is to die for!
    I also just read that the pancake syrup is amazing! I bought the blueberry pancake syrup the last time I ordered, but I Of course haven't had any pancakes! I was also going to order some strawberry syrup because I read it is really good on strawberries! YUM!
    I want some caramel...........I may need to seek a 12 step program! haha
  2. bdjohnson510
    Can't you maybe warm up the dip to make the syrup? That might work...if you're using it for pancakes or something...
  3. navy_mom
    I could try it! thanx
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