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Why am i gaining???

  1. Cinnabunz
    I started the HCG diet on March 5th (loading days 5th & 6th) I was doing REALLY well until my anniversary weekend, and for 2 whole days I "drank like a fish" (mojito's are my fave) and ate everything I've been craving for the last month! Granted my appetite was smaller than usual and I wasn't able to eat much at a time, but I did have my share!lol I weighed my self the day of my anniversary and I was 199lbs now I'm 208lbs!!!! It's been three days since my pig out...WHY ISN"T THE WEIGHTING LEAVING?? How is it even humanly possible to gain 9lbs in two days!
  2. sexysize6
    I'm not sure... but since hcg is a hormone that tells your body to burn fat and you'd already loaded, it just took it over the top? Are you losing now? it's a strict and bland regimen, but if you really stick to it, you will drop pounds... I started on 3-15 (15th & 16th load days) and I've dropped 12 pounds in the last 25 days... some people drop 20 pounds... it worth it to just stick with no matter how little or much you lose cause it forces you to see your habits of eating... a month before I started hcg, I'd changed my eating habits and dropped 10 pounds that month without hcg... I'm now a total 22 pounds down and am so happy! The other great thing about hcg, is if you 100% follow the eating protocol, you'll lose fat, and very very little muscle... out of the 12 pounds I've lost on hcg, it was 9 full pounds of fat... good luck to you! YOU CAN DO IT!
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