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    Hi All - I'd like to start a discussion and see what others have discovered doing P2 in menopause. I know that my metabolism is effed up due to a lifetime of DRR (Diet, Regain, Repeat) and then menopause. My body looks so different all this new bellyfat etc. I did a round 2 years ago and lost 18 lbs in 30 days. I didn't really gain that weight back but again, body is very different and I have tons to lose anyway. 18 is really a drop in the bucket. I did a round of Whole 30 with my adult kids and we all loved it. I lost 10 pounds with that but somehow lost a full size. That doesn't even make sense to me and people noticed too. I know things are very different and I'm preparing myself for a very slow weight loss. What has everyone else experienced? I'm only 5 days in to P2 VLCD and just made it under 200 so I am happy about that part so far! What have you experienced?
  2. RockyJan
    Hi Julinga, I just joined the group and found your post. I'm on P2, VLCD, day 4, in menopause and hoping this will reset my hypothalamus to the point my hot flashes will stop and my body temp will regulate correctly. I've tried everything for 4 years (bio-identical, acupuncture, breathing, homeopathics) and nothing works for very long....so I'm at the point that I'm off of everything and doing this instead as a way to reset (and of course lose the 30 lbs. that I need to lose). So far, successful weight loss (8lbs.) but that's about all I can report. It's technically not that bad of an eating plan, but I do find it difficult to find veggies that I can stand. When I start craving anything I drink an Ultima Replenisher. I'm actually doing the Ha2CG program with the DesBio detox drops. I cannot imagine what this would be like without the HCG, Appetite Control and detox drops. I'm hoping for continued success and an enormous reset because I'm tired of hot flashes ruling and ruining my life. I never dreamed menopause would be as crappy as it has been.
  3. Georgia Grace
    Georgia Grace
    Good morning ladies! I did 2 rounds of Hcg about 6 years ago and had great success...lost about 40 lbs. Kept it off for about 4 years and then went into menopause and gained it all back PLUS an extra 10! Also had a lot of stress starting a new job and being a PhD student. Just too many things upping the cortisol on top of menopause. It's so disturbing to feel this betrayed by my body. But now I want to give this a try with other women experiencing the same thing I am. So happy to find this place and you women! I'm going to be loading this weekend. Hope you don't mind if I join you for the ride?!?!
  4. gourmetJo
    Hey ladies. I did the HCG diet 5 years ago and lost about 18 pounds. Unfortunately, menopause has hit and I put it back on and more. I need to lose 40 pounds and I've tried everything with no results. If anything I gain weight or just can't lose anything. I'm ordering my supplies to start this week hopefully. Happy to find a group that understands how difficult it is to lose the weight while in menopause.
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