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Menopause and HCG

  1. rubygrc
    I went through a total hysterectomy in July of this year (2012). I am now on estrogen and progesterone treatment. I am finding it to be rather easy to lose weight. I lost my first 15 lbs by cutting all sugars, carbs, etc from my diet and walking 4-6 miles daily. This took about 1 month. Then I began the HCG drops from walmart. I bought these because they do not contain hormones, as I do not need to add any more hormones to this body. lol They have been working well. I have now lost 13 more lbs. This took about 5 weeks. But now that I am with 15-20 lbs of my goal weight (115 - 120), I am finding it to be a little more difficult. Is there anyone out there who can make any suggestions. I would like to continue to walk, but I am in an area where it is just way too cold to do that. For me anyway... I also work 7 on 7 off in an office, which makes it a little more difficult. Thank you for any help.
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