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First P3 Meals

  1. skibunny24
    So what are you all having for your first P3 meal? In other threads they stress the importance of not adding too much at once, some even saying only one new food every three days. Post ideas here!


    Eggs, Bacon, and maybe cheese.

    I've done P2 friendly eggs a few times throughout P2, so I know I'm good to add those, but want to be careful with the cheese.... not sure if I'll be adding that one right away!
  2. sxyravr
    I really want is an all-white egg omlette with spinach and cheese and a side of bacon!!! hahahaha. Thank you~~
  3. GoingAgainsteveryone
    DO IT! Today is my first day... first meal was office party... a little ham, a little turkey lots of salad and tomato with dressing! I just added up my totals Ive apparently barely eaten anything... Need to up my portion sizes but my head says everything should be small.
  4. GoingAgainsteveryone
    I guess i went all in tonight.... stuck late at work...

    Bunless burger with lettuce mayo, avocado, cheese and bacon. Still munching on my caesar salad...
  5. cap10432
    I get to have my first P3 meal for dinner, this Thursday, December 22. Any suggestions? I have lost 30 lbs. so far during my first round of 44 days. I used the HCG drops and did the diet on my own. My friend spent $600 using a clinic and the injections and didn't lose anymore than I did. However, I didn't use a prescription, I got the drops over the internet. They seemed to work, but I was hearing rumors that anything without a prescription doesn't really have HCG in it. Does anyone have any other info?
  6. skibunny24
    cap--if the ingerdients list HCG and then something like 12x, 32x then it's in there. There are some that don't, so you just have to be careful where you buy. It sounds like they worked though!

    I'm going to do Fajita salad for dinner tonight! I did the BBQ pizza with flax meal crust last night and was going to make flax tortillas but that stuff is so filling!! I'll make Regular Fajitas for the boys and throw mine over some spinach with some home made pico de gallo and maybe even a little guac! So yummy!
  7. cap10432
    skibunny-thanks for the info!
    Everyone-did you do the injections or drops? If you did the injections, where did you get them from? The place I got the drops from just told me that the FDA will no longer allow them to sell HCG without a prescription...has anyone else heard this?
  8. Johanna Rodriguez
    Johanna Rodriguez
    Well I did injections, and the FDA can kiss my butt
    I got mine from ADC.
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