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Holiday Meals for Phase 3!

  1. GoingAgainsteveryone
    What are you planning on eating for the holidays?

    So far I know I will be eating Prime Rib, CANT WAIT! Im trying to come up with creative ideas for sides. Like mashed califlower instead of potatoes does anyone have a good recipe yet?

    I was shocked I tried a "cheese cake" recipe last weekend and I was expecting it to taste weird, instead everyone at the party ate one! So Im ready to experiment now!
  2. Sapphire343
    Hi there,
    just found this site and am looking for an active P3 site. Can you help me, IM a nube in all this.
    I just had to do my first steak day and did all exactly as supposed to. I lost abosolutely nothing, not even a 1/10th of a pound.
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