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Christmas Week: Thursday - December 23

  1. hcg61
    Aloha & Good Morning from Kona, HI! We landed at 745P last night to a misty rain & lots of humidity. It takes at least an hour to get everyone off-loaded...bags, wines, Christmas gifts, etc. Then basic cleaning & preparing the aircraft for 11 day's parking.

    I'm up 1.8lbs on Day2 of R2P3. I thought it would be worse after sampling nuts, truffles of coconut & peanut butter...YUMMO!

    After a morning walk, we'll head to the grocery store to stock the fridge at the condo where we're staying. This is the 1st time in this area of Kailua-Kona. We're right on the ocean. Sun is coming up...birds are chirping & a light breeze. GLORIOUS!

    Sending out Hawaiin Holiday Wishes to ALL!
  2. shkelly
    Oh my word Jan, that sounds AMAZING!!! What a wonderful way to spend Christmas! I made and sampled a TON of candy the other day and went up 4lbs. Yesterday I just took it easy and drank a ton of water and lost 2 of it. Hopefully with another clean day of eating I can lose the other 2. Of course my husband keeps saying, RELAX! It won't kill you! LOL!! While he's right I also know that feeling out of control makes me grumpy and what led to being overweight. I can't afford that habit again, lol.
    It's going to be a superb Christmas. My parents are coming tonight and we can't wait! We are counting our blessings this year!
    I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas full of love and laughter!

  3. hcg61
    - Shelly -
    Christmas or any holiday is so much more special w/family. That's one of the drawbacks of being here, but we'll survive.

    I always forget about how quickly the cravings for sweets return when I imbibe! I'll be eating LOTS of celery today...need to buy more.

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