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Merry Christmas - Saturday, December 25th!

  1. hcg61
    I skipped P3 & went right into P4. Had the most delicious sandwich for lunch yesterday at The Coffee Shack (http://www.coffeeshack.com) in Captain Cook, Hawaii: Saint Nick Special - moist, grilled chicken breast w/pesto, tomatoes, spinach on homemade Greek Isle Bread (garlic, basil, black olives, dill, feta, cucumbers). We're headed back there tomorrow for breakfast.

    Walked for 45mins. yesterday morning & another 30 mins. in the afternoon...overdid it. My hips & shins ached. Stayed up long enough to experience another downpour w/thunder & lightening. Went to bed early. DH said storm lasted for 4 hours.

    Got up this morning to beautiful blue sky & sun...called the families & then went for a 40 min walk. Relaxed by the ocean to cool off.

    Merry Christmas to ALL!
  2. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Laughing about skipping P3 and going into P4. It is the holidays and I guess that is what I've done too!
    Coffee Shack sounds like my kinda' place!
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