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New Year's Week: Tuesday - December 28th

  1. hcg61
    My lower back went into spasms the afternoon of Christmas Day...UGH: not the way I wanted to spend my Hawaiian vacation. Was able to get in for a massage yesterday...finally some relief. Back is stiff this morning & a little weak. Will probably forego the "Ride The Rim" ATV ride on THU.

    Hope all of you are well! Happy New Year to ALL!


    There's a new group http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...-1st-2nd-2011/ that I joined along w/Laura. Check out her new pic...FAB! Once I get back home & start R3P2, I'll be posting there starting 1/3/11.
  2. shkelly
    Jan, I am so sorry about your back. It's no fun to be stiff and sore. I hope you can get some good relaxation on your vacation! And thanks for the heads up on the new group. I went over and joined too. I just can't part with some of you gals! I have stabilized higher in P4 then I wanted to but I AM stable so I guess thats good. In P3 I stayed at my LDW but in P4 I stabilized at about 2lbs over. Oh well....
    On a side note, my husband surprised me with a new wedding ring for Christmas. I had lost mine almost a year ago and we have been looking but had no way of affording one until sometime next year. Well he sold a gun without me knowing and bought one of the rings we looked at. I was COMPLETELY surprised! I am still on cloud nine! I feel so blessed!
    I hope you all had a wonderfully memorable Christmas!

  3. hcg61
    - Shelly -
    Love your new pic. Your husband is TOPS on my list! I can't imagine what I'd do if I lost my wedding ring. GREAT job on stabilizing.

    Was able to get out for a walk today; then to the pool & hot tub; it felt good to be out. Looking forward to being back on P2 on 1/3/11 & the new group.

  4. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    Jan- Keep walking and hitting the pools that should help the back. I will go over and join the new group. You and Shelly are too important not to follow! It's become the 3 Mouse-kteeriers!!

    Shelly- I am so happy your dear sweet husband was able to surprise you!! He's a keeper!

    I was down 2 lbs. today. We had gone to a movie and then dinner at Applebees. Something did not sit well w/ me as I had a big ol' stomach ache!! Threw up then had it at the other end! Today all I've had is some yogurt and granola at Panera Bread. Plus coffee!! Dinner is salmon and some potatoes left over from Christmas.

    Happy New Year!!
  5. Laurie Taylor
    Laurie Taylor
    I have signed up with the new group and will check this till 1/3........Right??
  6. hcg61
    - Laurie -
    That's no way to lose 2lbs...so sorry.

    My back is still stiff & weak, but still better than what it was on Christmas Day.

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