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Do you follow the diet or what the bottle says??

  1. mimedicgrl
    OK.Today is the first day of the gorge...I just pulled my bottle out of the fridge and it says that I need to take 1 ml of HCG twice a day before eating...dr.s protocol says it should be taken three times a day...do I follow the bottle or go by what the manuscript says??I'm using HCG solution homeopathic drops...
  2. Jennifer16nurse
    I would ask Grammy on this one because getting the correct dose is the most important part. I do not think many follow the directions, most people get Grammys opinion on their dose.
  3. mimedicgrl
    OH MAN!!I just asked her a question a day or two ago I feel bad asking her more questions but I want to do this diet right so I'll ask her anyways
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