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hcg bottle broke...no drops for 3 days

  1. romi42
    I need help! i knocked my hcg drops off of my counter and the bottle broke. i reordered more but will not receive them until monday. i had my morning drops before the bottle broke. i didnt have any last night and will not receive my new bottle until monday afternoon, omg! WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THE MEANTIME? I will continue to eat 500 calories a day. Please help!
  2. mimedicgrl
    I read that when you start your menstrual cycle in the middle of treatment you stop the hcg drops BUT continue the 500 calorie protocol diet and as soon as your cycle stops to immediately start taking it again...a cycle lasts for about 5-7 days...so I don't see how it would be much different for your situation...just continue the diet without drops...ALSO I read that at the end of your rounds you would have to ween yourself off the hcg so definitely do not veer from the 500 calorie diet because you will gain your weight back fast and when you do get your drops you will stall...good luck hope I helped a little..
  3. romi42
    Yes it does. Thanks so much.
  4. Jennifer16nurse

    Really??? I was told only to stop the hcg if you were taking the injections not the drops since the drops are homeopathic. You could clarify that with Grammy, I have never stopped the drops with TOM.....I need to clarify this because if that's true then I need to stop
  5. mimedicgrl
    More research for drops vs injections on period mainly due to cramping and water retention...this is just the part explaining it from that article I posted the link you could read the whole thing...I hope this helps answer your question jennifer

    "Before deviating from the guidelines laid down by Dr. Simeons, we should have strong, compelling evidence to do so. We have not seen enough evidence to say that taking HCG drops during your menstrual cycle is OK, and we continue to support Dr. Simeonsí original method.
    Having said that, there is a difference between HCG drops and the original injections. Because of their different manufacturing process, homeopathic HCG drops have fewer side effects. Some women have tried taking HCG drops during their menstrual cycle and reported good results. A few have reported increased bleeding and cramping. Most said their weight loss did not slow down as much. This seems to be a good sign, but without more evidence we still believe it to be a little risky. Itís always best to follow the original protocol. Stopping HCG drops during the menstrual cycle still has a strong track record of awesome results."--http://eatrightandloseweight.com/206/should-you-take-hcg-drops-during-your-period/
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