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We have a group and no discussion!?

  1. hellopenny
    I shall start.

    I know we have been using facebook a lot, but.... figured I would update this too.

    Okie, so some of you may know I am not doing well in p3. I am up 9 lbs!!! HOLY ****! If crept up slowly, a little each day. At first I thought it was TOM, and I thought I had started, but haven't seen much going on down there. Super light TOM? Last one was a doosey! I felt like I was PMS's going into p3. The cravings were uncontrollable.

    So anyway, I lost my mind going in to p3. I had eggs and dairy from the start. I have a strong feeling that it was too much too fast.

    Been feeling very unmotivated. Working on getting my anti-depressants refilled. I didn't think they made that big a difference, but since they ran out, I have really been reclusive and unmotivated.

    I did a steak day yesterday. Was a big ole' fatty ribeye. Gyver would of approved. Scale didn't budge. Did another steak day today. I don't think I can handle doing another one tomorrow. Not real sure what I should have for breakfast, if I don't have eggs. I guess a pork chop... doesn't really scream breakfast to me.
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