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Day 2 on phase one

  1. Amberlight

    Hi all! Just starting my second round. Well, i actually started loading from yesterday, so today is my last day on phase 1. But motivation is key, and i intend to get this weight off. Anyone who is in the same phase feel free to message me .

    I went from 175lbs to 155lbs in my first round.
    Now I'm at 155.2lbs. Hoping to get to 130lbs.
  2. Chatty
    Hi Amber.
    Good luck on your round. I started my first round on October. 15th. I thought I was stalling the last few days but found out my stupid scale isn't working correctly. Taking it back tomorrow so I know what I'm doing for sure.

    Load up good girl. Lol
  3. Amberlight
    Thanks hun. I haven't lost any weight though. I followed the protocol. I don't know why
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