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Scared of P3!

  1. clarkcaroline
    I've been in P2 for a month and lost 20 lbs, which is great. Twelve more days to go, so I expect I'll hit 25 lbs total, which is also great. But! I'm already scared to start P3.

    I've really struggled with lack of will power this past month. Cheating is insidious. I don't eat anything large or horrifically fattening, but I cheat every day in small ways - a 1/4 tsp oil sesame oil on my veggie, a few extra Melba toast, a few bites of my husband's pasta. Ugh.

    Any tips on control? This is the first time I acknowledge the close relationship between overeating and substance abuse. I've never had a problem with drinking or drugs, but cheese is another issue! Maybe Overeaters Anonymous?
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