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  1. Mrskt20
    Hello everyone. I am on load day 2. I must say loading is harder than I thought it would be. I thought I would enjoy stuffing myself with food but to be honest itís difficult. I have trained myself for so long not to eat certain things or only eat this or that in a certain amounts. I am soooo ready to start losing. I am a little scared about eating because Iím not a good cook. I am open to any easy receipt ideas any one would like to sure....
  2. Shoes4ever
    Hi Everyone, I'm on my second loading day and have no problem eating. ... Especially the Halloween candy that I already bought. I've been through this a few times but often need morale support. I physically need to get out of the kitchen. It's just hard when you have to cook for the family. Anyone in similair situations??? I must drop some weight...30 year high school reunion in one month!!!
  3. Mrskt20
    Hey shoes4ever! I am on my first 500 calorie day. I am struggling a bit. I'm not really hungry just have a head ache (which I am use to). I hope everthing is going well with you today. Stay strong!!
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