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  1. cmarsh4

    Welcome to anyone entering P2 in October. I cant wait to get started. I am loading on October 1st and 2nd. This is R2 for me. I lost the weight in R1 and then stupidly gained it back with stress eating so I am ready to do it right this time.
  2. Blau Texas
    Blau Texas
    Hi there! This is going to be my first round ever, I load on October 12/13. I'm both nervous and excited! I'm looking forward to sharing experiences with everyone.
  3. peacewithmme
    Hi there,I will be starting early october...maybe even this weekend---waiting on my inj to arrive. First time at this. excited about my determination.
  4. camiljr
    Hi there. I will begin tomorrow as a newbie. I have done some grocery shopping to set myself up for success. At this point I am very excited, but still somewhat skeptical about this diet, but will stick with the protocol and see what happens. I hope I have some of the success that I've been reading about on here!
  5. peacewithmme
    Hi everyone. My shots arrived ready for this and surer than ever!!! Its already working!!!
  6. Nexuz9
    Hello, round 5 here! 25lbs. to drop in 60 injections via RX IM. Can't wait to share updates
  7. eyecatcher
    Hello...just starting this diet...I am doing the drops and on the second day - suppose to be loading...not very successful at eating just to eat. Anyone else doing the drops? Are you having difficulty holding them due to saliva?
  8. cmarsh4
    I have always thought loading is much harder than you think it will be. I think it is since one you are eating foods that as a dieter are usually off limits and I also think the drops are making you less hungry so getting everything down is hard. I do know that the newbies will have doubts cause I sure did but I did loose 23lbs my firs round in 30 days. I was overweight but not obose well not in the real sense even tho I think my BMI was boderline. This diet is tough but if you stick to protocol you will loose weight. The trick for me is how to eat reasonably and exercise once I get to P4. Good luck to all. I start VLCD day 1 tomorrow. YEAH!!!
  9. camiljr
    Well the loading part wasn't too tough for me. I was at a family gathering all weekend, so there was lots of tempting treats around. I happily tried several different things and didn't feel one ounce of guilt. Today is the first day of VLCD and so far so good. I think dinner will be harder than lunch, as I usually have several items to choose from, but having a small array of food choices will make deciding what's for dinner easier anyways.

    I will be interested what the recipe group has to say b/c so far my mind has not wrapped itself around ideas other than having a baked meat and a steamed veggie for 30 days.

    Nexuz9, I am doing the drops as well. It is sort of hard to hold them, but I just try to keep busy doing something else so I'm not thinking about it. I am so ready to see some results!!
  10. camiljr
    cmarsh4, what has your experience been with your previous round on a day to day level?
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