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  1. TracyC
    Hi everyone, I am on day 12, so far so good. I love how I feel on this diet! I had one bad day that screwed up my loss, but am hopefully back on track. I am so glad I found this forum I know the support will keep me motivated.
  2. armisticebaby
    Hello all, I am on day 2 of phase 2 round 1 and so far so good. Right now it's more of a mental battle than one of true hunger. Have fought obesity my whole life and once I turned 40 last year it was like my metabolism checked out and made everything from Weight Watchers to exercise almost useless. Scared but ready to see where this takes me. My birthday is on injection day 24 (staying at a casino resort with several other couples so a bit anxious, but planning ahead already) and Thanksgiving is on injection day 39 (it's just a day. not about the food. about the family) but between journaling and using this forum for inspiration and support I hope to lose the full 40 in this full round.
  3. Shazzer
    Just checking in ... Round 1, Phase 2 Day 25 VLCD, down 22.2 pounds (including the 1.6 gained with loading) ... am planning on finishing this round next week as I have parents coming to stay for 2 months middle of the month and want to be onto P3 before they get here -they are used to me eating low carb/low glycemic index, but would just about kill me if they saw me eating ONLY 500 calories a day. Having some hunger issues ... or maybe just boredom ... either way, ate my dinner early ... with the possibility of eating more protein later if still hungry, though I still have my second fruit for the day to eat. Had a couple of days of no loss followed by a bigger than normal loss ... guess that's just how us women-folk lose sometimes
  4. Shazzer
    Well, started P3 today, down 22.2 after P2. Struggled to get in all my food today ... mindful of increasing calories but remaining low carb. Tried the cocoa crack today ... man is it easy to eat! -probably because it is SWEET! downing my water. looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow to see how today went ...
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