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  1. kbj
    Isn't is great how our 50 is so different from our parents 50?
  2. corbow
    I'm 50 going on 30.
  3. DakotaRose
    Good morning All!! I am totally with you corbow! I may look 50 on the outside but definately younger on the inside!
  4. hcg61
    60 is the new 40!
  5. kbj
    We should give a prize to the ones with the least amount of time over 50 (anyone celebrating their 50th birthday?) and the most over (anyone willing to cop to this?)

    I'm 52, although I have an older sister who is still 39 and holding...
  6. cl2
    I am 53. I don't mind my age--I mind about my weight. My younger sister--she will be 49 on Thursday--looks better than she did in her 20s (other than the wrinkles). She is dating the guy she dated at age 21 and he is blown away by how good she looks.

    Me--I'm in a relatinship with the guy I dated at age 20 (for almost 6 years now). I was 140 pounds then (or less) and I'm 224 as of today. He gained 50. I gained over 100. I lost 20 a year ago--so I'm now down 44 pounds from a year ago. I just want to be THIN. I wouldn't re-do my 30s and 40s for anything. From 38 to 48 were hell.

    So--the age is not a big deal to me. If I can get this weight off . . .
  7. knittingal
    Definately over 50. I'm 70 Yrs young. I sure don't feel it, feel as good as I did in my 40's. When I get the last 15 -20 lbs off, look out world!!

    R2 VLCD 8
    total loss 23.4 before loading.
  8. knittingal
    WoooHooo!! I put on a pair of skinny jeans, ropers & went boot-skooting with a girlfriend at the Stagecoach Inn. On the way there I asked her,"can you believe two 70 yr old women are going honky-tonking?" (we are both single & on hCG) Actually got asked to dance several times by some old gentlemen. Haven't done anything like that in years. LOL
  9. kbj
    Sounds like a fun, wild night out and you must have looked hot in your skinny jeans!
  10. corbow
    I just turned 50 in January 2010, so I've only been 50 for nine months.
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