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Health Issues for the 50+ crowd section 1

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  1. kbj
    Being over 50, it is not unexpected that we start to have some problems with our health.
    I had several health issues that both motivated me to try hcg, but which I also feared would slow down my losses, and I am relieved that I've done ok on my first round. My problems included: hypothyroidism, asthma, sleep apnea, menopause, hysterectomy, atrial fibrillation, melanoma, and taking various medications. After another round or two, I hope to be able to get rid of my c-pap machine and some of my medication.

    How are you faring with your health issues and hcg?
  2. knittingal
    All my joint pain went away in R1. Gradually returning by the time I started R2 but isn't bad at all. Not having heartburn at all and was on RX for it before HCG. Otherwise I have no health issues that I know of a 70 yrs.
  3. mariemom
    Hello! Glad this group is here. I'm having a birthday on Monday and will be even more "over 50" ha. This diet has helped me in more ways than just the weight loss. I don't have to take thyroid anymore and I used to have horrible cramps (that I thought went with menopause). Also I sleep much better (probably due to less sugar and better quality of food). Wonder what the long term affects are? Has anyone heard or seen any research (that's valid)?
  4. kbj
    Hey Marie, how did you go about giving up your thyroid meds?
  5. kbj
    Even though I had a hysterectomy 6 years or so ago, I still seem to have "cycles." The PMS is greatly reduced, but it boggles my mind how I can still get depressed & bloated and have sore breasts etc. when there shouldn't be the monthly hormonal cycling. Did my body just get so used to it that I have "phantom" PMS now?
  6. talkstoomuchmama
    Hi just joined your group! I think you are wonderful. It's not easy dealing with health issues but it's nice to know there is support.
  7. mariemom
    Sorry I have not been back here in a while. To answer the question about going off Thyroid, it was simple. I just quit taking them the same day I started my HCG drops. Now I only take a small dose normally but I read in the protocol that taking it would stall or slow loss. And really today is day 32 and I have more energy now than when on it. Plus my hair quit falling out. Does that answer your question?
  8. corbow
    I'm in menopause, slight hypothyroid, and have borderline high blood pressure. Once I get down to goal weight, I'm hoping my blood pressure will go down to normal and I can get off those meds.
  9. AtrueHeart
    I'm in menopause and still have PMS *read *****iness and bloating*. I think PMS is like acne.... it still shows up no matter what age you are! I also have thyroid problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis. I am hoping that this HCG corrects some of it.
  10. MarvLass42
    Hi Ladies,
    Today is the first day of my loading phase and I hit it hard. Pancakes, w/sausage, syrup and coffee with cream. I already have my HCG and my injection kit but won't mix it until tomorrow so I can start the injections day 3. I'm hoping that my infirmaties don't interfere with losing weight. I have about 80+ pounds to lose and I hope it will help clear up my hypertension and some of my menopause issues. I know it will not resolve the issues I have with MS. I will try to keep everyone posted with my progress.
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