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Health Issues for the 50+ crowd section 1

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  1. roselanoue
    Happy to be joining the group. I am 68 and figured I was destined to stay overweight at my age. My beginning weight was 205 lbs with clothes. Started HCG injections on March 7th for 6 weeks, did over 6 weekis maintenance before starting R2 last week. Of course it is somewhat difficult to going back to the 500 cal after enjoying the P3. My total loss with HCG and P3 maintenance was about 32 lbs. My doctor recommended 40 lbs but I am going for 55 lbs so I need to lose about 23 more lbs. according to my goal. My biggest negative is the saggy wrinkly skin that I didn't notice when it was filled with fat. I travel quite a bit so I am thinking of using stretch bands and small weights to work on the excess weight. My skin's elasticity is not what it used to be. Best wishes to all posters.
  2. MarvLass42
    June 10th My first meal is 1 hardboiled egg and cucumber slices sprinkled with garlic pepper and a spritz of Bragg's Amino Acid. My snack is going to be an apple. Interestingly enough, I was not hungry after my shot and I'm not really that hungry now. Just sticking to the protocol. Dinner tonight is skinless/boneless chicken breast spiced with garlic pepper and a bit of curry powder. Romaine lettuce will be my veggie and strawberries for my late snack. So far I had 48 oz of water and 1 16 oz cup of green tea no sweetner.
  3. roselanoue
    sounds like you are doing great. I am on day 6, R2, VLCD and finally managing hunger okay. My biggest problem is getting to lunch. After that I seem to have less hunger.
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