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"Helloooooo"! Where did everyone go? I just started and I hope you are still here!??

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  1. rettsgoal
    Hi Everyone
    I need support and I believe at our glorious ages we need to really show how strong we are...we have made life's ups and downs and this one is for US! It is time for US, not kids, not husbands not anyone but US! Although I need your support .....so please come back and tell me this works!
  2. kbj
    Hey rett, sorry, I've been mostly out of commission lately due to family illness etc.. But yes, it works! This forum is a great place to get help and advice on all aspects of the diet. I'm not sure where the other "fabulous 50" folks are, but someone will certainly try to help if you need it! Good luck!
  3. bristw
    Hi retts! I'm here with you! I started loading on Nov. 13th and this is my VLCD3 and I am down 7.8 lbs. Pretty happy about that! I have a long ways to go. How are you doing?
  4. Maxine
    Way to go! I am looking to start round 2 just after Thanksgiving.
    So excited to find someone else my age.
    I'm 53 and have about another 70 pounds to lose.
    Lost 26.7 on Round 1.
  5. tntopo
    Hello, I was wondering if I could join in, I am 53 and think I am going to start this the second week of December, I am preparing myself ahead of time.

    I am scared but at the same time excited. My metabolism has been through the wringer since I have been trying to lose weight all my life. I have over 50lbs to lose!!

    I pray that this diet is the ticket. I just got off of Phentermine and it only helped me a little. I have to get healthier!!

    Hope to get to know some of you, I will need all the support I can get!
  6. Maxine
    This program is amazing! I am excited to tell you that I lost 26.7 pounds on Round 1. I did it for 40 days. Didn't think I could stick it out at times, but I hung in there. Drink lots of water, it really makes
    a difference. How are you doing now?
  7. ginal5
    R1 P2???(week 1) not sure how to count the days yet. Do we count from 1st load day or 1st VLCD?

    That's so awesome Maxine.... I'm on my first round as well. So how is P3 going?

    This is a pretty quiet group anyone else in here?
  8. snowyval
    Hello, new to Hhcg, the forum and this group. Just started today, round 1 and I feel like I'm going to
    pop. I don't like loading, but I think this is the only way I will be able to restart or re-educate my metabolism. Maybe that is a psychological and physical benefit to the load...You can't wait to not eat!
  9. AtrueHeart
    I'm new to HCG and new to this group. Seems like hardly anyone has been on this group of forums in a while. I hope they all come back. I'd really like to be in a support group of my peers.
  10. fatih
    Hi a True Heart! I too am new to hcg and forums. I am on day 14 of P2. I thought the weight would just fall off me but such is not the case. I am smack in the middle of my 17# goal and have been struggling with cravings and hunger at times also. The hardest part is figuring out if I am hungry., It is a feeling I have lost touch with so I am hoping to learn to listen to my body again. This is a process and a growing experience as I am having to use other coping skills besides my old fave... food. We can stick together and do this together. Glad to see you here.
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