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I''m baaack!

  1. kbj
    Ready to start a new round in 2013. Anyone else starting now?
  2. kbj
    So I've started another round. This makes round 3, sort of, because I guess i did a bit of cycling before. I wasn't stabilizing really well in maintenance of R1, so I went back to p2 and vlc days. Then I did it again with a mini round. My son was really sick and I was spending all my time in the hospital and sleeping in a hotel. Then he came home for a month where I had to give him TPN to get him strong enough for surgery, with another hospital stint. Eventually both he and I stabilized, but I was about 12 pounds higher than LIW. Two years later weight is coming back so I'm. doing another round. Losses are only slightly slower, around a pound or less, so far than the first time, but then again it has only been two vlc day weigh-ins and I have lost 7.3. I use two different scales, depending on where I am, and the results can sometimes be confusing, but still, not a bad start. I've marked a calendar on my fridge this time with a countdown of the vlc meals. Only 81 to go...I'm hoping it will be like swimming a mile, it seems to go faster when I count both laps completed and those left to do. When they meet at the half-way point, it feels like they speed up! Due to thinning hair, whether from hypothyroid or genetics and age, I am using rogaine for women and don't want to stop it unless it is clear that losses are poor. So we will see how it goes. Anyone else have challenges they want to talk about?
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