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Somedays I feel my age, somedays I don't!

  1. kbj
    Today I don't feel, and don't think I even look, my 50 odd years. Yesterday, though, I felt and looked everyone of them and probably more. Admittedly, yesterday I was a little depressed and tired. I think a lot of how we look depends on how we feel, and how we feel depends on our health and what is happening in our lives that affects us emotionally and physically. When I have been productive, like today, I always feel so much better, and that translates into looking and feeling younger. Anyone else have similar or different experiences?
  2. kbj
    The first place I tend to lose weight (and unfortunately the first I gain it) is my face. When I first saw some family after having lost the weight this round, their immediate comment was that I looked a decade younger. Now, on P3, however, I know that my face has filled in somewhat again. I wonder if I will only be "face thin" when I am actually losing weight, i.e. in P2????
  3. kbj
    Someone told me over the weekend that I looked a decade younger. Wonder why it is that the less we weigh, the younger we look?
  4. AtrueHeart
    Well, I feel I look my age... mostly due to the weight, salt and pepper hair and fatigue. I don't sleep well. But... I am doing this HCG, letting my hair grow in anticipation of having it styled and dyed.... need to work more on the sleeping thing. I stay up so late because it is my alone time. The rest of the day and evening is spent taking care of the kids and grandkids. I average between 4-6 hours sleep a night. I have that extra face weight too. Looking forward to losing the double chin. Hopefully it won't be the first I gain back in P3.
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