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The Sandwich Generation

  1. kbj
    Isn't that what they call us when we are caring for aging parents and our own children at the same time? It may be my in-laws and my teenage and 20 something children, but it is still emotionally, physically and financially draining.
  2. kbj
    Well, my husband and I are spending lots of time in emergency rooms and hospitals lately. His mother has been in & out of surgery, ICU, etc. for the last three weeks, and this week our 22 year old son has gone through the ER & hospital route. We are going to be taking him to a surgeon 3 hours away and hope that he will schedule surgery soon. For now they are hydrating and giving him iv dextrose in the hopes that it will make recovering from surgery easier. My husband has been going back and forth from here to his mother 2 hours away, but the new hospital will be about 5 hours from her, making it nearly impossible for him to do both. It feels like we are being "deconstructed" rather than "sandwiched"...
  3. AtrueHeart
    kbj - We got the diagnosis of Alzheimer's for my mother about 8 months ago. I don't live with her and I have to deal with that guilt. It is very difficult to watch the deterioration. She had to be taken to the ER last week because of nausea and dehydration. I feel so helpless! Both she and my dad are in poor health. My younger sister lives with them. I am moving at the end of this month in order to be a little closer to them and more of a help. I do take care of two of my own, daughter 30 daughter 13, and two grandchildren 6 and 2. We all live together and I take care of the home while my oldest daughter is the breadwinner. She is the one that got me on the HCG. Hang in there hon. You are not alone!
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