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What Phase are you in?

  1. kbj
    I'm getting ready to start loading for R2 this weekend and wondered where everyone else is on the diet. Anyone else starting over again soon?
  2. cl2
    I loaded Wed. and Thu.--I started vlcd1 today--R2. I've been looking all over for someone at this same point.
  3. jkg720
    Hi all I'm in the last 2 weeks of my 1st P4 starting P2 Oct. 24th
  4. corbow
    I'm still in P2, doing an extended round to get all the excess weight off in one swell foop. I'm guessing it'll take another month, then I'll go into P3. With any luck I'll be in P4 by Thanksgiving.
  5. AtrueHeart
    I am in P2 vlcd5 my first round. Just started. It's all new to me.
  6. smb8710
    I started phase 3 today. I have lost 31.4 lbs since 4 April. am looking forward to getting into phase 3.

  7. Colliemom
    I am Phase 2 vlcd6---TOMORROW IS MY FIRST WEEK! And I made it---no cheating
  8. mdetaos
    Newbie here! Today is my first day of loading and I must admit I am a tad nervous about this whole thing. But, eager to give it a good go too. Hope I can choke down enough fat -ha! Any advice for this old bird? Any particulars for folks like me pushing 60? Just wondering if the time frame for loss would be longer. Onward!
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