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Looking for HCG buddies

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  1. watchKelleyshrink
    I have 100+ pounds to lose and I'm looking for friends so we can support each other and stick to diet.
    R1 Start Weight: 282.0 lbs.
    Load Weight: 283.6 lbs. (+1.6 lbs)
    VLCD1: 281.4 lbs. (-2.2 lbs)
    VLCD2: 277.6 lbs. (-3.8 lbs)
    VLCD3: 274.4 lbs. (-3.2 lbs)
    VLCD4: 272.2

    Total lost: -9.8 lbs

  2. Sleclerc
    Hi Kelley, Ill be your buddy if your still around!
  3. Talley
    Me too!!!
  4. Bunna
    Losing over 100 pounds seems so overwhelming to me. I noticed a lot of people doing this plan have 20 to 40 lbs. to lose. I am on day 4 of VLCD.
  5. mommy4
    I am on r2 vlcd2. I, too, am aiming for 100lb loss. I lost 20 some on my first round which was 23 days, and now I am hoping for the same. Just remember you will not lose overnight, or in one round, but turn your mind over to the process and it can be done. My husband lost over 40lbs on our first round (he did the full 40 days) and he has kept it off with exercise for 2 months. IT CAN BE DONE The recipes are a lifesaver. They are easy, taste great, and most importantly satisfy cravings.
  6. labrattcq
    Hi, I hope to be starting the plan soon (I just ordered my supplies). I also have ~100 to release, so I could use buddies too. Thanks!
  7. Crystlrayne
    Hello everyone! I also have 100+ pounds to release. Tomorrow is my my first day of VLCD. I am so ... scared. Yes, I think scared that I will mot do well. I keep thinking how much better I will feel. It would be great to keep up with my kids and to be able to flirt again and mean it!
  8. yofroggie
    I have a 100 pounds to lose also! I will be your buddy. I am on day 3 of VLCD and have lost 5 pounds!!
  9. becky00
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some support. I just started HCG injections. Phase 2 and second day…its been so hard mentally to wrap my mind around the next six weeks. I am sure it will get easier. Did anyone not feel hungry from the shot? The doctor said I shouldn't feel hungry cause the hcg shots should suppress my appetite. Anyone find this to be true? One motivating thing was yesterdays weigh in and todays weigh in was a difference of 6.4 lbs…water weight from all that phase one gorging?
  10. catjam
    Hey Becky00, I am day 8, so six days of VLCD and have barely been able to consume the food I'm supposed to. I have been sooooo not hungry! I have dropped 11 lbs, from a starting weight of 210, which is the heaviest I have ever been, including three pregnancies! Hopefully by now you are seeing the benefits of this diet, and not feeling at all hungry. How are you doing?
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