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Looking for HCG buddies

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  1. opalsinajar
    Hey Becky & catjam ! I will be loading Thurs, in a week. This will be my 6 the round. It is a lot to take in, I still have to wrap my head around it, and mentally get ready!! I love to cook so I'll be posting recipes!
  2. monroeee
    Hi I have 100 pds to lose as well are you guys still on the diet? I am on day three..I am doing a 40day round
  3. dtiz
    Monroeee: I am new here too and was wondering the same thing. Today is day 6 of PS2 and down 6 lbs of the 50 I am trying to get rid off. I don't want to say lost, because when you lose something that usually means that you will find it again, whether you mean to or not; ok, at least in my mind. We can be buddies if you want.
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