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Miracle Noodles?

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  1. simply_o.w.
    Have any of you used these noodles? If so and if they don't cause any problems could you share some recipes please.
  2. ginal5
    I tried them and just can't get past the texture. They are tasteless and I'm told Miracle noodles can be used for P3 not P2. But then again I'm no authority and some people have reported using them on P2 without issue. But original protocol Simeon was pretty clear on the allowed foods list.
  3. Jenn
    I have the angel hair noodles. If you rinse them for awhile (10-15 min) it gets the smell out. I would then cook them in a flavored oil and let them sit in my marinara sauce and then do them in a slow boil. Then I could stomach them. The texture & taste is different.... If you can purchase just one pouch and try first I would do that.

    I only used in P3 but I know some did use in P2.
  4. the_mommy
    hi I'm new to this site, the hcg diet and the group...funny I just was researching these miracle noodles and then saw this thread. I'm just almost a week into Phase 2 (round 1) and I actually cried yesterday because I'm so dang sick of tomatoes onions and salad. My husband is doing it with me--has MUCH more will power than I. I'm on the search for something "legal" that is going to allow a little more variety...or I know I'm going to cheat on this diet. Seems like you could do the noodles...and maybe even a la tortilla factory low carb tortilla instead of this melba toast or breadstick thing... thoughts??
  5. Bunnie Jay
    Bunnie Jay
    to the_mommy: DON'T CHEAT!! you can do this!! look at all these great recipes, use them!!! ginal5 got me started (we're shopping buddies too) and i've lost 13 pounds in my first round (23 day short round) & have 9 more days to go!! i cheated one day & it cost me 3 days of no loss. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! look at the recipes & make the chicken broth by ginal5. use the broth every place you'd normally use oil (for frying, as a base for salad dressing & the like). buy a dijon mustard with NO SUGAR in it - it's out there, read the label - mix it with some broth for an easy sauce for salad. DON'T CHEAT!!! i'm pulling for you!!!
  6. gramonhcg
    Hi All. I also bought the miracle noodles, but haven't tried them yet. (Money back guarantee.....LOL) today is day 12 of VLCD. I think of hunger pangs as GOOD things! Now they have all but disappeared. I don't mind the food and I don't have urges to eat sweets. I miss certain food for sure, but don't feel deprived. I am committed to this. I need to do it for health and appearance.

    I want to look good for my grandchildren!
  7. solflowr
    Bunnie Jay- I sure hope the_mommy listened to your encouraging words! What a great supportive group we have here!

    As for me, I have had the miracle noodles before this diet and I thought they were decent. I've heard that it's all in the way you prepare them. I am going to try some during this diet within the next week or two and see how it goes.
  8. Dobermangirl
    I have been using these noodles, also known as Shirataki, for some time now. Don't bother me. On Ph2 I have eaten them once, didn't gain any weight. When I get desparate, will eat them again. We will see what happens. I made them with some red peppers (some people use it on ph2, but now I stopped for now particular reason), coconut oil and graggs aminos. Was good. Heck, the food I am eating right now, the plainliness of it and tastelessness, anyting is fine....
    I LOOOOOVVVVEEE miracle noodles!!! And they are acceptable on P2 and not considered cheating because they have NOTHING in them!!! No cals, carbs, sugars,NOTHING! You just have to know how to cook them. The instructions have changed since I first ordered them but the best way to prepare them is rinse them really well and then dry fry them which means to throw them in a hot skillet and fry until there is no longer moister in the bottom of pan and the noodles have a little less "gloss" to them. Then you add your spices, like garlic powder etc. i will post a couple recipes in the next few days
  10. solflowr
    MRS SPANKY - I look forward to your recipes! I made some the other night, and they didn't come out too well...
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