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Miracle Noodles?

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  1. camiljr
    Do you have to purchase at a special store?
  2. Kim A.
    Kim A.
    I am loving miracle noodles too! i have made a few really good recipes! Asian stir fry with angel hair miracle noodles, chicken, cabbage and a little bit of Walton farms sesame ginger dressing and spices. tasty good!! Also made spaghetti - ground beef diced tomatoes and spices with the angle hair. I have to say that i like the angel hair the best so far. I am on VLCD 27 and have lost a total of 18 lb. I think these noodles have really helped me to keep my cravings down and fill me up a little more. Really great with this diet.
  3. Kim A.
    Kim A.
    I bought these noodles from a special pharmacy, but you can order them on amazon for pretty much the same price.
  4. curvygirl63
    I've tried the Shirataki noodles you can get at your local grocery store and I GAINED so I gave them up. I saw a tip on YouTube that after you rinse them really well and towel try them, you can also put them in a bowl with enough water to cover them and add one tsp of apple cider vinegar for about 3-5 minutes, pour the water off and rince them again - the ACV will eliminate the fishy odor. I did that, "dry fried" the noodles and added them to a P2 shrimp soup I was making. It was sooo, good and very filling.

    I hope this helps.
  5. knrpick
    Ok, I just started on my first round, and found miracle noodles. Not a huge fan, but will try Mrs Spanky's suggestion with spices. I really don't like seafood, so my options are limited. I would love some EASY recipes that I could eat during the day while I'm starving and be guilt free.
  6. kianita
    Hi everyone!

    Just joined the site and this group and need to share my knowledge of "miracle noodles" otherwise known as shirataki. First, I lost 34 lbs. on my first round of hcg eating these noodles for at least one of my daily meals, most of the time for both. Please note: there is a difference between the noodles and there are more and more products on the market. Shirataki TOFU noodles by House brand is NOT the same as the miracle noodles or Japanese style shirataki. The house brand noodles are also made with tofu/soy and there are calories in these. Also, I notice that many buy the noodles over the internet, but I know for a fact that you can get these at your local Asian store for a little over $1/pack. The internet prices are outta control, so don't be afraid to venture into your Asian (mostly Japanese/some Chinese/Vietnamese) stores and ask for shirataki. Please note: when you get them in Asian stores, there are usually two types. One is completely white, the other a brown/speckled type, both made by JFC brand. Both are fine, but if you want to be 100% on protocol, get the white. They are made from a yam root powder and are mostly water. They add a lot of bulk to your food while on the protocol as well as fiber as, ahem, we all know we need while on this crazy ride.

    I am Japanese and grew up eating these noodles and something called Konnyakku (the solid block of rubbery stuff these noodles are made from)all the time in various Japanese dishes including sukiyaki and oden. They were a regular part of my diet then, but had no idea that they were so diet friendly. My grandmother just used to say that it was good for gall stones/ your gall bladder. I happily obliged her and gobbled up the rubber-like stuff as only a kid could.

    I've seen numerous recipes using the noodles for an Italian-style pasta substitute, but I have to say that i think these lend themselves to asian flavors much more readily than tomato/cheese type sauces. If you like ramen or Asian noodle soups you'll LOVE this recipe and I again, I LIVED off this and lost a ton!:

    2 cups water
    1 tsp oil/MSG free soup stock powder (I use a vegetarian mushroom type that I get from the Chinese/Vietnamese store)
    1/2 tsp of green curry paste (I buy this in a tub for 2 bucks at the Vietnamese store and it is 100% on protocol-only spices and salt-careful, this stuff is spicy! use less if you are sensitive.
    1/2 bag or full bag of shirataki rinsed (depending on how hungry you are)
    100 grams protein
    100 grams vegetable of choice
    green onion/cilantro for garnish
    lemon or lime wedge for a squeeze on top

    combine first 5 ingredients and bring to a boil. Once at a boil, add vegetables and cook to desired texture. pour in bowl and add garnish and squeeze of citrus. Hands down, the most filling and delicious meal you can have on phase 2 protocol. Now everyone is different, so I would start with 1/2 package per serving and see if it changes anything on the scale, if not, try the whole pack if you're hungry.

    I'll try to post a photos later after I make dinner. Also to come: Fried noodles recipe...yum!
  7. christinej96
    I've been using the Miracle Noodles on P2 and am consistently losing. They're great to get over that mental hump of no-carb living, but also really bulk up a meal. My favorite way to use them so far is as a filler in an easy chili (beef broth, lean ground beef, seasonings, one chopped tomato). I'll use the "rice" when I make that and it works well. I've not been so happy with the noodles, but I'm going to try the dry frying method tonight with some chicken, cabbage, and Asian spices and see how I like that. Thanks for the advice!!
  8. gramkeel
    Here is a good recipe to use the Miracle No Oodles. I was really worried about the taste as I had tried shirataki noodles before and had to throw away the whole meal.

    5 Spice Chicken Chow Mien with yam, Miracle Noodles

    200 g thinly sliced and or diced chicken
    2 tsp chopped garlic
    1 tsp grated ginger root ( I use the pre chopped squeeze tubes)
    1 Pablano Pepper (or pepper of choice)
    2 tsp of basil leaves (fresh is best, but used dried)
    1 TBS of chopped cilantro
    2 tsp 5 Spice Powder ( I would cut this in half)
    3 cups chopped Cabbage
    1/4 cup chicken broth
    2 TBS of Braggs Amino Acids
    1 Package Yam Miracle No Ooodles
    Sirarache _ (Had none - still tasted excellent)

    Prepare all ingredients - as you will be stir frying quickly
    Rinse the noodles a lot and drain and towel dry a bit.
    Preheat Wok or large skillet to medium high heat
    Add a splash or 2 of chicken broth, heat and cook chicken until almost all white
    turn heat up to high and add garlic, ginger, pablano pepper and continue stir frying until chicken is almost cooked. add chicken broth if needed
    Add Cabbage and 5 spice, stirring and mixing while cooking
    Add stock, Braggs, Cilantro and basil. Mixing well to wilt the cabbage a bit.
    Mix in Miracle Noodles
    Serve in bowls with Sriracha Hot sauce ( I used none)

    Makes 2 servings.

    Sure helped to cure the noodle desire. Will be using these noodles again. I felt really satisfied after this meal.
  9. JulieAnn
    I just fixed my first recipe with Miracle Noodles and thought they were very satisfying--almost like a 'starch'. They are not pasta in any way shape or form, but given the limitations of this diet, they are a welcome addition. They are protocol for P2. I also rinsed them very well and then dried them out in a hot skillet--it's worth the effort to take the extra 'dry out' step. I would also suggest cutting them in smaller chunks before the dry fry process. They don't cut particularly easily once in your dish.
    I made a stir fry and went a bit off protocol by mixing my veggies in a oil free stir fry. Mixing my veggies hasn't had a negative effect on my weight loss, so for me it works.

    Instead of oil, I made a vinegar, liquid amino based marinade and it was tasty.

    4 Tablespoon liquid amino (taste similar to soy sauce but without the sugar)
    1 Tablespoon of spicy mustard
    1 tsp orange juice
    2 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
    Sweeten with stevia to your desired taste
    1/2 Tablespoon of crushed garlic
    I threw it all in my vita mix and blended it for about 30 seconds. I plan on using it as a salad dressing and or/marinade for chicken or maybe even fish. Depending on how strong you want the flavor, this could easily be enough for two recipes.

    I'll keep you posted as I experiment more with the noodles I will definitely be eating them again when I am wanting something with more substance.

    Pleased with being down 10 pounds in 10 days
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