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Mixing vegetables

  1. camiljr
    So when I've read about the diet it says no mixing of vegetables. When searching for information online, I see many meals that mix many vegetables together. Does anyone have thoughts about this? I have not mixed yet.
  2. Bunna
    That is what I was wondering too?
  3. mommy4
    On my last round I mixed veggies. At first it did not seem to hurt. The further into the round, in my opinion, it killed my losses somedays.
  4. camiljr
    Thanks for the reply mommy4. I am curious what the reason for weight gain with mixed vegetables is, there must be some sort of scientific reason for it to be stated specifically. Curious. I am looking forward to mixing in P3!
  5. hcger1
    Yes, I haven't really been mixing and was wondering the same thing? Would LOVE to get more info. on this subject. :-)
  6. SipRedWine
    I don't know why... but I gained... no more mixing for me!
  7. pinklynn
    I work 7p-7a shifts and am sometimes awake for over 24 hours. I am trying to stretch out my food to not get too hungry. I might eat my vegetables seperately from my protein, but eat different vegetables with 3-4 hours time space. Do you think that is OK? On 11/12 I ate nothing all day until 4:30 then had a protein and vegetable. At 11:00 pm I ate my apple. At 2:30am I ate some cucumbers. At 4:30 I ate my cabbage and chicken tender. When I get home at 07:45 am I will eat my orange. Then sleep at 9-10 am. wake up and start next days meals at about 5:00pm. My cucumbers and cabbage were 1/2 portions to make "1" vegetable. I ate them at different times. I hope this works well for me. Let me know what your experiences have been. Thanks!!
  8. cr7
    Can we eat brocoli and califlower? I read on another Dr.'s site = that we can but it is not on my list.
  9. Bosslady45
    I see recepies for soups though... I made a spicy chicken soup! I hope I'm not messing up my weight loss
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