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My new favorite: Shrimp over cooked Spinach!

  1. holligoinglightly
    Cooked spinach with a little chopped onion, minced garlic, and lemon juice, topped with shrimp and a couple chopped cherry tomatoes! So yummy!

  2. MissLiz
    I did that without the lemon and tomato and loved it! I'm going to try it with tomato tonight!
  3. operayogi
    Love love love!!! So darn good! Thanks!!!
  4. agk
    gonna try it tonight! looks amazing
  5. missmarymac
    Isnt this mixing vegetables though?
  6. Annie226
    That sounds wonderful, ready for something new and yummy and I think this feels the bill!
  7. thecoxons
    Hi everyone Im back and starting all over put the weight back on but looking forward to starting a new again....looks amazing holli thanks for sharing
  8. sterlingto2
    we cant mix veggies while still on phase 2. It looks yummy though!
  9. Klcarty
    I thought that onions can be added in small quantities and counted as a 'seasoning' and that tomatoes can be counted as fruit or veg. If counting tomatoes as fruit, I wouldn't think this would be considered mixing.
  10. AZBlondie
    Some people can mix and some people can't. I do occasionally in P2 and it's never stalled my losses. But, others will suffer a stall or gain. So, it's up to each person and how their body reacts to it.
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