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Pics Only?

  1. jpsp27
    Great looking pics, but can some of you share your recipes?
  2. Nerissa
    I second that!! lol
  3. lisarn60
    well, I got a little something that has totally spiced up my salad. Im just starting and Im not great in the kitchen....but, my home-made salad dressing. I put the following ingredients in a mini-chopper ($9 at walmart...)red wine vinager, garlic cloves , fresh parsley, salt, lemon juice, horseradish brown mustard. blend that up, Im telling u, its like when can I have a salad again. I put cooked seasoned shrimp cut up on 2 cups of organic salad blend (costco). I dont mix veges as in original protocol. Im gonna get fresh dill-that will also be great in it I imagine. I stuck a few drops of Braggs and a shake of splenda (No stevia yet)
  4. beannay
    I have recently discovered Miracle Noodles as well as Walden Farms Dressings and Marin-aids. I found them at a glucose free store. I verified using the Miracle Noodles online and was shown many other products like the Walden Farms products when I visited the store. Below is a link to what I found on the Noodles.

  5. ginal5
    I agree with adding RECIPES PLEASE, for all my pics the recipe is under the pic so click on picture to see complete recipe posted by ginal5
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