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Stevia- Do you use it and what brand is your favorite?

  1. ginal5
    Personally I don't use it a lot, I think it caused my headaches 1st round. But when I do use it I prefer the liquid vanilla flavored by Nu-Naturals but only 1-2 drops per recipe.


    The Capella flavor drops weren't bad either in coffee but R2 I'm not finding a need for them. Must have my candida under control. The minis were only $2.99 and handy to carry in purse.
  2. Rosey
    I like SweetLeaf. It isn't as bitter as others I have tried (In The Raw)
  3. operayogi
    I use the powder from Trader Joe's. Never used Stevia before so not sure how to compare but once I got passed the slight after taste I don't mind it.
  4. lovin2lose
    I use Truvia....but am concerned about it's naturalness now that I see it's a Cargill product.
  5. solflowr
    I have only ever used Truvia as well. I just recently found out it's a Cargill product and am going to try a different brand when my Truvia runs out. I try to avoid supporting the big monopoly companies, not only because of the monopoly factor, but also they pack their products with unnecessary additives...artificial this and hydrogenated that. Had I known earlier, I would have switched a long time ago. I have heard a lot of good things about SweetLeaf.
  6. DivaG313
    I love Stevia dn the brand I use is by NuNaturals called "NuStevia". It's costly in the store but has no bitter after taste. Less expensive if you order it from IHERB.COM. I get it in a 5lb bag for around $47.00 the same thing in the store at only 12oz is $20.99. Go figure. But it's great and Igot it by mistake back in 2010 when my EX went to the store for me and came back with it. It's great and I have a friend I gave some to recently who doesnt really do sweeteners and she loved it.
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