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Any petite's on this group now? Its January 2014.

  1. alaskamom
    I am looking for some new friends to chat with and feel others my size might be a great way to connect.
  2. Dojami
    I'm here, Alaskamom. I am also looking for new friends on here. Glad to join you in this group.
  3. desamnik
    Are you guys still around? I am on P1D2, blech, can't wait until I don't have to eat all day tomorrow lol. I'm 5 1/2 inch, and am at 131 doing a 23 day round, hoping to get below 120.How are you guys doing? What phase and day are you on? successful?
  4. Dojami
    Hi desamnik. Glad to have you join here, it's been pretty lonely. You know there are more of shorties in this forum than the three of us so where are they hanging out? lol You should be able to drop 11 lbs. with your 23 day round. I started my 23 day round on January 4th. Today is P2 D21 and I'm down 11 lbs. This is my first round ever and I'm pretty nervous about moving into P3 next week. I don't know what to expect, always fearful that I'll screw something up and regain the weight I've lost over the course of this round. I was happy to get off load days too. I've never felt so bloated in my life. I'm anxious to hear how things go for you over the next few days. Keep us posted!
  5. cynm
    Hi Dojami and AlaskaMom ...I am another petite...I joined this group but it is my experience that these groups are seldom active
  6. Dojami
    Hi CYM. I see what you mean. I haven't seen any activity here for days. Seemed like a good activity at the time. I even started a group called Out and About but no one joined. I thought it would be helpful for eating out or when we go on vacation or to social gatherings. Looks like we will have to find other avenues to share ideas.
  7. Pamther
    Hi, I'm new to HCG injections. I finish my loading tomorrow and start VLC on Monday (with about 70 pounds to lose.) Any friendlies or ideas of active groups? Oh yeah, I'm 5 ft tall even!
  8. Dojami
    Hi Pamther. I just finished a 23 day round of VLCD and am giving P3 a shot right now. I lost 11.6 lbs. I during the 23 days. I'm 5'2" and need to drop 50 lbs. I just jump around on the forum and get involved in topics that sound interesting to me. Glad to have you in this group. Although small, at least we start out with a common thread. Welcome. And best of luck on your weight loss journey.
  9. alaskamom
    Happy Valentines Eve to all my Petite friends.

    Just checking in...
    Im on Day 3 of P3 and enjoying a little freedome with foods but very scared of the scale each morning. I will be glad when I make it to the happy place of being stable.
    This was my second round and I made it to my goal of 115!
    Now I am getting ready to start a work out program at a training room to get my body toned, build muscle and get in tip-top shape!

    Hope everyone is doing well. Would love to hear your story, hear about your struggles and victories with weight and being a little person.

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