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Hi Everyone!

  1. NWNatureGrl
    I'm just beginning my hcg life change! Hopefully, by this Friday, 08/26/ I'll have my hcg and can begin to load.

    Can I just say I did some hand wringing over ensuring I bought "real" hcg, and after all was said and done, I went with the sublingual drops from BodyShaper.

    I'll be lurking around here to learn from the Petite Powerhouses who have walked the walk!

    Wish me luck,
  2. Texasyaya
    Good luck and welcome. Hope all is going well
  3. NWNatureGrl
    It's going very well. I'm down. 8.4 lbs in one week.

    I'm very grateful to this forum for its helpful. supportive community!

    Good luck to us all!
  4. mortifiedwin
    Good luck and welcome. Hope all is going well.
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